Re: [Evolution] gconf-edit

On Mon, 2011-01-31 at 12:26 +0000, Richard wrote: 
The main panes are always maximised, its only the inbox and sub folders
that have to be reset at power up

Here's the workaround:

Unmaximize your Evolution window, stretch the window wider, maximize it
again.  If the unmaximized window width is sufficiently large, the left
pane divider should stay where you put it when you restart Evolution.

Here's the root problem:

Evolution remembers whether or not the main window is maximized and
restores that state on startup.  Evolution also remembers the width of
the left pane and restores that state on startup.

But there's a race.  Maximizing a window is an asynchronous operation.
Evolution asks the WM to maximize the main window, and then some time
later it actually does.  And unfortunately it's a bit tricky to know
when the window really is maximized.

If the main window is going to be maximized on startup, that needs to
happen before we can restore the left pane width to its previous value.
Do it too early and the not-yet-maximized window may not be wide enough
to accommodate the desired pane width.  In that case it will do the best
it can with the available window width and truncate the width value.
Then the window maximizes, the truncated left pane width stays fixed,
and it appears to the user that the pane width was not remembered.

I've been over and over that logic and just can't seem to flush out all
the possible races with the window manager.  Seems to work fine whenever
I tweak the logic and then test it under Metacity, but then it rears its
head again for someone some time later.

Until I can pin it down or figure out a more foolproof approach, best
stick with the above workaround.

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