Re: [Evolution] gconf-edit

On Mon, 2011-01-31 at 12:37 +1030, Wayne Sierke wrote:
Its the left pane with the inbox and all the sub directories that
s reverting back to the default. The RH panes seem OK.

Curious. I see the same behaviour in 2.32.1 on FreeBSD-7.3 i386/Gnome

I'm wondering what is your window state when you run evolution. I'm
pretty much sure that you have the window maximized, and when you
restore it from the maximized state, then you get much smaller window
than it is when maximized. Am I right?

People whom are not using maximized window or their restored window is
approximately the same size as the maximized window don't see an issue
of this kind.
        Hope that helps,

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