Re: [Evolution] gconf-edit

On Sat, 2011-01-29 at 09:11 -0800, les wrote:
Hi, guys,
      I really miss having the application save preferences directly, such as
moving the separation bars and having that setup saved automatically for
the next start.  I also miss being able to have the pull down menu to
set preferences rather than the really brutal gconf-editor stuff.

You make it sound like File->Preferences has gone away, or that some
things that used to be settable from the dialogue are no longer set that
way, which I don't think is true. Most people will never have to
interact directly with GConf, in fact gconf-editor isn't even installed
by default in Fedora, and I'm guessing also the other main Linux
distros. So what you're actually asking for is either a) a larger and
more complex set of online Preference panes, or b) options to be set in
a text config file.

Additionally this gconf stuff represents a single point of failure for
applications, making Linux as brittle as Windows with no appreciable
benefit to users.

There may be some merit in that viewpoint. It's a matter of opinion.
GConf is often promoted as "the Registry done right", which to me begs
the question of why we need a Registry at all. The whole idea has always
struck me as questionable, even if done properly.

      Of course I don't know what drove this development, but I can tell you
that from a users perspective, the applications need to have preferences
setting capabilities that are clear and easily accessible.  The gconf
stuff is neither.

This really should be directed to Gnome as it's not an Evo decision.


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