Re: [Evolution] Meeting reminders do not work with exchange

On Mon, 2011-01-31 at 11:51 -0500, OSU Linux wrote:
I'm using evolution-exchange (owa) and for some reason my meeting
reminders do not show up. I'm using gnome, whatever the version in
Fedora 14 is.

Help->About in Evolution shows your Evolution's version, as distro name
is not the same thing and is unusable for people whom are not using it.
For you it may show 2.32.1 as of today.

If I click on the clock applet, it shows my appointments.
But nothing ever pops up.

Now if I create an appointment and put it in my local calendar then I do
get a reminder as expected. 

It might mean that the evolution-alarm-notify is running, which is good.
Do you save password for your exchange calendar/account? It might be
related. Your issue can be also similar as [1], but the 2.32.1 has a fix
for that included, so the last change from recent time I would think of
commit [2], which is part of upcoming 2.32.2 (planned for the next

Maybe it's one of these.
        Hope that helps,


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