Re: [Evolution] gconf-edit

On Sun, 2011-01-30 at 11:50 +0000, Richard wrote:
On Sun, 2011-01-30 at 10:42 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
I can alter the layout and size of the panes within the Evo window (by
dragging separators) and they are the same next time I start Evo.  I'm
on 2.32.1 on FC14 like you, but I've been always been able to do it
(AFAIR), and I've been using Evo since the 1.x days.

Hi Pete 
Its the left pane with the inbox and all the sub directories that keeep
s reverting back to the default. The RH panes seem OK.
Its not the end of the world , but it would be nice not to have to drag
it to the right each time I start evo.

Curious. I see the same behaviour in 2.32.1 on FreeBSD-7.3 i386/Gnome


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