Re: [Evolution] gconf-edit

Chaps, a little bit of investigation - not much, just a little ...

They gconf key /apps/evolution/shell/view_defaults/folder_bar/width
contains the width of the sidebar.  Open up gconf-editor, navigate to
that key and move the sidebar separator - and as if by magic the value
of that key changes.

Close down Evo, set the key to a value, and Evo starts up with that
value.  BUT there is a minimum value of 198 px. 

Go to the key above - i.e. /apps/evolution/shell/view_defaults/ and that
contains the size and location of the window (and lots of other things).
BUT the that configuration is usually over-ridden by the window manager,
so what ever you put there is generally ignored.

As usual, be careful fiddling with gconf - you can irretrievably muck
things up by randomly changing keys. :-)


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