Re: [Evolution] Regenerating addressbook.db

On Thu, 2010-12-16 at 20:15 -0500, Jeff wrote:
Ugh, I have an additional problem: what if someone has multiple homes?
In Evolution, I edited a contact with two home phone numbers, so it
looks like:
TEL;TYPE=CELL;X-EVOLUTION-UI-SLOT=3:1 613 something   # shows up
TEL;TYPE=HOME,VOICE;X-EVOLUTION-UI-SLOT=2:1 613 something2   # shows
TEL;TYPE=HOME,VOICE;X-EVOLUTION-UI-SLOT=1:514 something3   # doesn't
show up
I understand that it doesn't want to display two phone numbers in a
column, but I don't see why the third one (which happens to be UI slot
1) doesn't show up in the preview pane. Kind of a show-stopper. I'm
not sure what to "trust" will be displayed anymore.

How is this a "show-stopper"?  What you are looking at is *preview*
mode; it seems unreasonable to see *all* the contact information in
*preview* mode.

I'm assuming that it displays one of every kind of number; I would have
expected it to prefer X-EVOLUTION-UI-SLOT=1 over X-EVOLUTION-UI-SLOT=2
but I can understand that the X-EVOLUTION-UI-SLOT attribute may only be
used by the edit dialog.

I see that exact behavior of only seeing one "Business Fax" number in
preview mode for a contact with multiple Business Fax numbers [in
Address Card or List Mode].  And it is choosing X-EVOLUTION-UI-SLOT=4
over X-EVOLUTION-UI-SLOT=2 [or perhaps it is just showing the
arbitrarily-first, in the vCard representation, of each type, since they
seem to reliably listed in reverse order in the vCard].  Assuming both
Business Fax#s are correct - it doesn't make any difference which one I

The reason I was trying to do this migration/conversion is to ensure
that the data is somewhat "safe" from this kind of weirdness in the
first place! (I know that Contacts doesn't quite handle the fact that
evolution's folder paths have changed in recent versions, so I fear
running into trouble in the long term). 

I don't understand what "Contacts doesn't quite handle the fact that
evolution's folder paths have changed in recent versions" means.

Have you lost data?  I wouldn't equate not seeing data in preview mode
to data-loss.  Evolution's very good vCard management [import / export]
I consider to be a killer-feature where I never need to worry about the
safety or portability of my data.

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