Re: [Evolution] Sig placement

On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 15:16 -0400, Sam Mason wrote:
In the case of two (or another small number) of people in limited
discussion the copy-everything mode of top-posting doesn't matter.
Efficiency concerns really don't matter most of the time here.  

To paraphrase former US Senator Barry Goldwater, a gigabyte here, a
gigabyte there, and pretty soon you are talking real storage.[1]

I think the preserve the thread argument is spurious, both for the
reason which I think Patrick pointed out, and also because, how many
copies of every email in a conversation does anyone need?

I'm still amazed nobody noticed my changes to Pete's message--that
was the only reason I top-posted.

Which is why the argument is spurious.  When people top-post, nobody
reads the quote for context anyway.


LIke I said, businesses grow and prosper due to business' belief that
changing bad behavior is hopeless, and some automated data slenderizer
is the only answer.

[1] The actual quote went something like "a billion here, a billion
there, pretty soon you are talking real money".  He said this when
national budgets of industrialized nations were measured in the
billions, not yet trillions.
Art Alexion                                        

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