[Evolution] controlling message sort order

I am presently running Evolution 2.24.3 on Ubuntu 8.10. I normally view
messages sorted by date but every now and then I'll want to see a
message recently sent by someone.

I'm convinced that sometime in the past I could simply click on the
"From" header and now jump to the currently highlighted message with
those sent from this sender sorted by date order around the highlighted
message. This seems to me to be the obviously correct thing to do.

For quite some time now Evolution has not been behaving in this manner.
I will click on the "From" header and see messages from that sender, but
the sort order appears to be random - there is no secondary sort by date
and I can't see an obvious secondary sort order.

Is there some way to get Evolution to default to sorting by date as a
secondary sort order when you left click the "From" header?

I understand that I can use the "customize current view" feature and
define multiple sort orders but this is very cumbersome compared to
having Evolution just "do the right thing". Enough of a nuisance that I
finally decided to ask for some assistance on this. Thanks.

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