[Evolution] newbie questions

Just upgraded from a pentium 4 running XP to a dual quad core xeon
running ubuntu 64bit and so far I love it! I am using evolution mail and
have a couple of super super newbie questions:

- In the calendar, the alerts that pop up are transient and only last a
few seconds. Is there a way to make them stay up until I dismiss them?
- I, unfortunately, connect to two email systems, one of which is IMAP
and the other of which is Exchange 2007. I was able to successfully
install the Exchange MAPI plugin and connect to the necessary exchange
server. It works great except that last night I left evolution running
and when I came in the next day, the evolution-data-server-2.26 process
was using up 3.2G of ram and almost 20G of swap (!!!). If I turn of MAPI
then resource usage is much more reasonable. Is this a known problem
with evolution under ubuntu 9?
- Is there a way to make my signature appear in every email without
having to explicitly pick it? Also, if I am replying to a message it
appears to put my sig at the bottom of the entire message, whereas I
want to appear at the bottom only of my text. 

Any help appreciated!

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