Re: [Evolution] Sig placement

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 06:52:19PM +0000, Art Alexion wrote:
I think it became entrenched because Microsoft implemented it
in Outlook/Outlook Express, and users who discovered email with those
products didn't know any better.

But, most of the time, how much "worse" is it?  It only gets bad when
you've got many people replying to the same thread and it's impossible
to track what's going on by hand.  The more tool support the better!

In the case of two (or another small number) of people in limited
discussion the copy-everything mode of top-posting doesn't matter.
Efficiency concerns really don't matter most of the time here.  I just
received a 11MB attachment today and started to complain (we both had
access to the same file servers) while starting to think it really
doesn't matter that much (I've written (simple) SMTP servers so I have a
reasonable idea about what's happening under the covers).

I think the preserve the thread argument is spurious, both for the
reason which I think Patrick pointed out, and also because, how many
copies of every email in a conversation does anyone need?

I'm still amazed nobody noticed my changes to Pete's message--that
was the only reason I top-posted.  If he deleted his original message
then I'd have just changed history.  That's why you shouldn't go about
trusting what was quoted--it places trust in an entity there is no
reason to trust--and why I was talking about convince.


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