Re: [Evolution] Sig placement

On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 13:58 -0400, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
I do the same. IMHO top-posting became entrenched because of people
unfamiliar with the concepts of threading or archving, but it's now a
fact of life in some contexts.

Actually, I think it became entrenched because Microsoft implemented it
in Outlook/Outlook Express, and users who discovered email with those
products didn't know any better.

With so many users expecting it that way, the web mail providers
emulated it.

I think it is so entrenched at this point, that I tend to top post when
I know my recipient with think I sent her a blank email if I don't.
When possible, I counteract it by very selectively quoting, and either
bottom or interleaved posting.  (BTW, select to quote is not only
possible with Evolution and kmail, but also with Thunderbird and Apple's

I think the preserve the thread argument is spurious, both for the
reason which I think Patrick pointed out, and also because, how many
copies of every email in a conversation does anyone need?  People make a
living selling exchange addons that de-duplicate that stuff in the
exchange storage.
Art Alexion                                        

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