Re: [Evolution] evolution exchange

On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 10:02 -0400, Art Alexion wrote:
On Fri, 2008-09-19 at 20:32 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
I just checked and the MA Ubuntu user's group list also doesn't set

If you are referring to a Massachusetts Loco group list, I can tell
you the the Pennsylvania and New Jersey locos default to reply-to-all.

I am referring to that one, and you already did tell us about the
others--which is why I mentioned the MA list: just to point out that not
all loco group lists munge reply-to :-).

I think more/better mailing list handling in Evo would be a fabulous
thing, no doubt.  But regardless, I don't think munging reply-to is the
correct behavior for a mail list server.

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