Re: [Evolution] Slow Evolution - OWA - Evolution connector

On Wed, 2007-01-24 at 16:04 +0000, William John Murray wrote:
2.8.3 has got some performance fixes w.r.t initial folder fetching. If
you have a lot of public/nested folders, you will notice the startup
time reduced considerably with 2.8.3    It is getting released on

These fixes have already went in the 2.9.6 version. Some fixes have went
in 2.9.6 for subscribing to another user's calendar issue also.

  Eh? I am using 2.9.6 It is definitely making progress; more stable,
faster. Nothing quantitative, but feels better. BUT:
   the file -> subscribe to others users folders
  menu item has vanished. It never used to work,m but now it has gone.
   How do I do this now?

My apologies.
      I just re-compiled 2.9.6 on a second PC, using the same script
as worked on the first. (scp -p ) But in this second PC I have a
'subscribe to others users folder' option. It still gives 'generic
error' though when I try to use it...

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