Re: [Evolution] Slow Evolution - OWA - Evolution connector

On 1/23/07, Peter Van Lone <petervl gmail com> wrote:

just to throw more fuel on this:

I used the evo version (and exch connector) that came with SUSE 10.0
... and had the following issues:

1)really really slow startup (excruciating)
2)"generic error" subscribing to another users calendar
3)fairly often crashing
4)general flakiness

I upgraded that version to 2.6 (still on SUSE 10.0) and it seemed that
the startup speed improved marginally, but the other errors/issues

I now have a fresh, clean install of SLED running 2.6 EVO ... same
damn issues. Plus, there does not seem to be a way to upgrade to any
newer version on SLED 10. But, from what I am hearing, the 2.8.x
versions and above are no better.

Can you say "not ready for a corporate deployment"? Can you say ... if
the brutus option is not better, then EVO is just not an option. I
guess I'll have to keep using *something*, perhaps I'll continue to
struggle with EVO, but I will NOT suggest it to customers.


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