Re: [Evolution] smtp server config

This is the key.  The "pick one" means that in your Compose window,
the From line is actually a drop-down list, if you have multiple
mail accounts defined.

So I need to have a huge number of ID... my number of e-mail address
multiplied by my number of smtp server... At present time I have 6 email
address so I shall have at least 12 identities... Not that usable... But
if no other solution...

Well, Guenther had an idea for a fake smtp alias.  That might

It does. :)  Used something like that myself, years ago.

Authenticating to the SMTP server is the best way, though. Lynda, you
still did not mention why you need to consistently change SMTP servers.

Thanks for your answers

Well, edge cases (like you) are always going to have "issues".


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