[Evolution] Re: [Evolution] Any suggested workarounds for yet one more interface quirk?

On Sat, 2005-03-05 at 23:56 -0700, Evolution List wrote:
Hi Patrick, 

Hmmm...very interesting.  XML files eh?  I'll have to look into that.  

Take a look at:


Very interesting indeed. I will definitely play around with that some.
Assuming I won't need to recompile Evolution all over again mind you :).
Seeing that it's XML I don't think I will have to.  Evolution probably
reads them on the fly.  

You need to restart Evo ("evolution --force-shutdown").

Note that you need to change the files all over again every time you
install a new version of Evo, and on a multi-user system all users will
get the same settings, i.e. these files are per-system and not per-user.

By the way, I have seen the list archives before but I was wondering, is
there a way to search them?  I suppose I could always do a Google search
on them but I wonder if there is a closer to home way of searching


(One of those things it's hard to discover unless you already know
it ...)


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