Re: [Evolution] Does Evolution retrieve email even when it is not being run??

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 03:00 -0700, Evolution List wrote:
Hi Not, 

Unless people file bugs we can't tell they exist.   All repeatable,
common crash bugs get attention in a fairly timely manner.  Everything
since 1.2 has been pretty stable for me.

That's great to know Not.  I mean the attention that is given to common
crash bugs that is.  Truly!  

Uh, Ok.  If you're going to be rude you can keep it to yourself.

Sorry you took as rude Not.  Just so you know Not I was being absolutely
sincere and in no way, shape, or form did I mean that to be rude.  I
think you misunderstood where I was coming from.  Perhaps it was the way
I worded my sentence.  

I think the confusion arises from the fact that you intersperse
your comments with the word "Not" in places where we interpret
it as rude sarcasm.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
PGP Key ID 8834C06B I prefer encrypted mail.

"[Hitler] has grasped the falsity of the hedonistic attitude to
life. Nearly all western thought since the last war, certainly
all 'progressive' thought, has assumed tacitly that human beings
desire nothing beyond ease, security and avoidance of pain."
George Orwell, 1940, reviewing /Mein Kampf/

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