Re: [Evolution] Does Evolution retrieve email even when it is not being run??

Unfortunately, this is a real problem.

Approximately 2-3 evolution processes stay around running in the
background after you quit: evolution-alarm-notify,
evolution-data-server, and evolution-exchange-storage (if you use
Connector).  I'm not sure if all of those stay around, but at least a
couple do.  Running evolution-2.0 --force-shutdown is supposed to really
kill everything.

I've had problems with evolution-data-server hanging and preventing me
from getting mail; I had to login remotely and kill it while on
vacation.  I've also recently noticed that these processes just don't
die even running --force-shutdown; they somehow respawn.  To make it
worse, you can't run --force-shutdown from a remote shell, because
evolution still tries to make an X server connection, even though it's
completely unnecessary.

I've been thinking about filing bugs against all this, but haven't
gotten around to it... maybe now is the time.  Personally I'd prefer if
evolution acted like a normal mail client and just quit when told to,
unless there are perhaps multiple clients running and it really does
make sense to keep a background process alive for all of them.


On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 12:19 -0700, Evolution List wrote:
I've noticed something the last few times I've closed evolution with no
new, unread emails present.  When I open it up again there's a bunch of
emails waiting for me to read as though I had never closed out

Does Evolution continue to read emails, even when I close Evolution down
while doing other things on my desktop?  

I know that the calender reminder application continues to run but does
automatic email retrieval also continue to run?  If so, is there a way
for me to disable this?  I don't want to risk corruption of an email by
shutting down my computer while Evolution is trying to download one
(however remote the chance of it downloading while I am shutting down
is).  I reboot quite a bit these days since I am testing various
bootloader options and such.  



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