Re: [Evolution] Mulitple IDs

At 03:20 PM 12/28/2005, Erik Slagter wrote:
On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 15:02 -0500, Robert Moskowitz wrote:

> Do you have 2 inboxes, outboxes, draftboxes, and probably trashboxes
> (for audit reasons)?

Yep. Actually there are three, one account of my wife.

My wife has her own account and her own setup.

> Now comes the email that is to a number of our addresses.  You do
> receive multiple copies, but all of them end up in one fooxin folder
> (based on first rule).

I don't have this problem, because the mail comes in at different IMAP

And you leave the mail in the IMAP folders?  Not local store?

Are you saying you are actually receiving the mail for multiple accounts
in _one_ mailbox (that being either mbox or something like imap or pop).

Not quite. When you have multiple personalites (ie mulitple email addresses) Eudora (and my limited experience with Outlook), all of the POPed mail ends up first in the in box. There is only one. From there you have to filter.

> Or you get a message to one account that happens to fit the rule for
> another account's rule and it moves from foo1in to foo2stuff.  Rules
> are linear with stop options (don't process anymore rules).  Not tree
> structured (since rule 1 applied, skip to rule 15, and drop out at rule 25).
> You end up spending more time fixing mail than responding to mail.

It's your decision, but I still have this slight feeling that you are
thinking too much in eudora-like solutions.

Eudora has had support for multiple accounts since v 5. That came out a long time ago. Actually what I am doing, I was told, is very PINE-like (it was a PINE user that helped me set this up initially)

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