[Evolution] Is it possible to store foldes out of Home directory?

Hello Everybody,
I am using Evolution2.0.1. on SUSE linux 9.2 distribution.
I am new to Evolution, but I am using it since the start of 2005 and I feel it very comfortable.
I am using several POP connection to store locally my messages.

I have my mail folders growing serveral MBytes every day, so I am filling all free space on my $HOME partition.
I have another partition (DATA) almost free, and I would like to move my mail folders and messages from the actual position (/home/milani/.evolution/mail/local) to a different (ex. /windows/D/Evolution_Mail/mail)

Is it possible?
How can I configure it to do it?

Is there anybody can help me?

Thanks for your assistance

Mario Milani
..No you ain't
what you own..

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