Re: [Evolution] Is it possible to store foldes out of Home directory?

hi mario,

hmm. you're writing in a table cell where it's very uncomfortable to add
comments in between your quoted lines. :-(
first of all i'd recommend to update to 2.0.4 where many bugs have been

Am Dienstag, den 02.08.2005, 11:05 +0200 schrieb pensatorecontabile:
Hello Everybody,
I am using Evolution2.0.1. on SUSE linux 9.2 distribution.
I am new to Evolution, but I am using it since the start of 2005 and I
feel it very comfortable.
I am using several POP connection to store locally my messages.

I have my mail folders growing serveral MBytes every day, so I am
filling all free space on my $HOME partition.
I have another partition (DATA) almost free, and I would like to move
my mail folders and messages from the actual position
(/home/milani/.evolution/mail/local) to a different
(ex. /windows/D/Evolution_Mail/mail) 

Is it possible?
How can I configure it to do it?

first of all: what kind of partition is that? is it a FAT or FAT32
partition just mounted to "/windows/D/"? i would not use a FAT partition
as file permissions aren't supported by a Micros~1 file system. so all
files are accessible and executable by everybody having access to the
system (ok, you can change the first issue in your file system mount
table at /etc/fstab).

second, i'm going to quote a mail here from 2005-05-03 by peter smith:
"Where do I set/change the default location of the mail folders in
evolution.  Currently they are stored in folders beneath ".evolution", I
would like to change the location to a removable usb memory stick so
that I can take them from machine to machine."

...and not zed's answer:
"The best way would be to set-up a new account type, e.g. a maildir, and
point it to the usb location.
You can then use filters to make all pop mail go there, and the sent and
drafts folders can be overriden to point there too.
The only thing which can't move is outbox.
DONT use symlink."


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