Re: [Evolution] Re: Gmail with Evolution

Now, IF your gmail account start to behave weirdly. The problem lies
in the activation of pop. Ive experienced it myself.

My gmail account got useless. Could not send any mail. I could recieve though.

To fix it, just deactivate pop in your gmail account settings at

Things should start working like the next day...
did for me.

ps.  im wondering why not some of the main evolution developers have
gotten theirselfs a common account for them to look at, to see what
people talk about.
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Am Montag, den 01.08.2005, 14:08 +0100 schrieb Gordon Burgess-Parker:
I've done all this! When trying to connect to Gmail, the progress bar
just sits right at the beggining and does not move! The same settings
in Thunderbird get an instant download of mail.

hi gordon,

for your interest: you can find information on setting environment
variables to debug evolution at
<>, e.g.
should give you a log when sending and receiving mails.

I've found the answer! The answer is to specify the port in the Server
settings as pop server: "" and ""
That then works beautifully!

Thanks for all the replies.

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