Re: [Evolution] Is it possible to store foldes out of Home directory?

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 11:05 +0200, pensatorecontabile wrote:

I have another partition (DATA) almost free, and I would like to move
my mail folders and messages from the actual position
(/home/milani/.evolution/mail/local) to a different
(ex. /windows/D/Evolution_Mail/mail) 

Is it possible?

maybe you could do it with "linux" rather than evolution.  While evo is
not running, you could move your entire .evolution directory to where
you want it, then create a symlink to that.  eg

mv /home/milani/.evolution /windows/D/Evolution_Mail/mail/.evolution
ln -s /windows/D/Evolution_Mail/mail/.evolution /home/milani/.evolution

If you don't want to move the entire directory, it would be just as easy
to move part of it...

Iain Buchanan <iaindb netspace net au>

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