Re: [Evolution] Is it possible to store foldes out of Home directory?

You can store mail elsewhere, but it will appear as a separate tree, and
not under 'On this computer' - some find such a situation unacceptable
but it makes no real difference to the use.  You then setup a catch-all
filter to move any non-filtered mail into the other inbox.

e.g. create a new account, of type 'maildir' or 'mbox spool', and use
that.  Maildir has different bugs to mbox spool, but would be suggested
as preferrable.  You can use evolution to copy the mail across with a
drag of each base folder, etc.

A softlink will probably work as suggested elsewhere.

Note however you should use a proper unix filesystem, although it may
work, I give no guarantees that a dos-type filesystem will work at all.

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 11:05 +0200, pensatorecontabile wrote:
Hello Everybody,
I am using Evolution2.0.1. on SUSE linux 9.2 distribution.
I am new to Evolution, but I am using it since the start of 2005 and I
feel it very comfortable.
I am using several POP connection to store locally my messages.

I have my mail folders growing serveral MBytes every day, so I am
filling all free space on my $HOME partition.
I have another partition (DATA) almost free, and I would like to move
my mail folders and messages from the actual position
(/home/milani/.evolution/mail/local) to a different
(ex. /windows/D/Evolution_Mail/mail) 

Is it possible?
How can I configure it to do it?

Is there anybody can help me?

Thanks for your assistance

Mario Milani
..No you ain't
what you own..
evolution maillist  -  evolution lists ximian com

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