Re: [Evolution] Re: Re: Re: New evolution user questions

On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 17:17 +0530, Not Zed wrote: 
uhhh.... for pop3 and "Local Delivery", this is where all mail gets
delivered by default (unless you setup filters to move it elsewhere)
OK since no one seems to believe me on this I've taken some screenshots I realise that I could easily have
changed the text before taking the screen grab but I hope that you will
take me on my word or at least follow what I've done and get the same

Well, that is the name of the account yes.  "On this computer" isn't
an account, it is just mail which has been downloaded to the local

OK I should have added another screenshot with the new top level folder
that is created when I add a "Local Delivery" account.

You are setting up a pop account.  Pop is an acronym for "post office
protocol", it is just a drop-point, mail is downloaded from there and
copied locally for your client to access.  If you have multiple pop
accounts, they all get downloaded to the same location - "Inbox" in
"On this computer" in the evolution case.

No I'm not, I'm trying to see my local mail (stored in /var/mail) in the
folder "On this computer".

And so far all I'm able to do is create a new top level folder with has
the same name as my e-mail address and have "On the computer" doing

Indeed that's why I said "(virtual?) folder". But, because the folder is
virtual it seems to me to be wasteful of evolution to create this folder
when I have told it not to check for spam. Moreover if I actually have a
real Junk folder it is hidden by evolutions virtual folder.

wasteful how? if you don't open it, there's no added processing.

I never knew that it never updated virtual folders till you clicked on
them, how does it know that there is new spam if it doesn't check each
file in the rest of the folders until you click the trash folder?

Well, trash has nothing to do with spam anyway, that is the junk
folder :).

Oops s/trash/junk/

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