[Evolution] Re: Re: New evolution user questions

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005 11:04:25 -0400, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
What is the purpose of the "On This Computer" mailbox? I assumed that it
would look at /var/mail but it doesn't (or does it and I'm just being
rubbish?) and if doesn't can I get rid of it?

It is evolution's local store.  It is the default location for pop and
locally delivered email.  It cannot be removed.

The default location? Whenever I add any account the default has always
been the e-mail address. But I've managed to get it to read my local mail
to there by changing the default location -- My e-mail address -- to the
"default" location -- "On This Computer". But it was in no way clear that
I would be able to do that.


IMAP accounts will place a toplevel tree node in the folder-tree under
which the folders will appear. The name is whatever you gave the account
(by default it uses the email address)

what do you mean you changed the default location?

I mean that when Not Zed said that the default location for pop and local
accounts was "On This Computer" it wasn't the the default for me, the
default I got was the e-mail address of the account. And that I could
change this location to "On This Computer" if I wanted, but I didn't know
that you could and it's not obvious that you can have 2 accounts with the
same name.

I've noticed that evolution creates a "Junk" (virtual?) folder but I
haven't asked evolution not to check for spam so why does it create
that folder? Again can I get rid of it?

It cannot be removed.

That is... disappointing.

it doesn't create the folder, it's a virtual folder that doesn't
actually exist on the server.

Indeed that's why I said "(virtual?) folder". But, because the folder is
virtual it seems to me to be wasteful of evolution to create this folder
when I have told it not to check for spam. Moreover if I actually have a
real Junk folder it is hidden by evolutions virtual folder.

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