Re: fortune (was: [Evolution] Ximian & Wanda)

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 17:13, Mark R. Bowyer wrote:
This is my first script on any Linux box so mayhap I`m missing some

Ah yes - this isn't the script I actually use, and you just reminded me
why *my* script includes the line:

      echo -n "</pre>"

before the first echo up there (i.e. as the second line).  Your best bet
would be to change line 3 from:

         echo "-- "


      echo "</pre>-- "

Which I've just tested and works well here.

For reasons that are entirely beyond me, even if you're writing email in
Evo as plain text, and not HTML, it still reads the text generated by
the script as HTML and formats it as such.  The above additional </pre>
tells it that the text isn't pre-formatted any more, and so counter-
intuitively it leaves in the line breaks - don't ask me, but just <pre>
didn't help.  This has other side effects to the white-space in your
text, but that shouldn't effect the .sig you have there.  The whole
thing is a bit of a mess, and I can't wait to see what they've done with
this in 1.4 ;O)

Good luck,

As you can see, it is working properly now....thanks for the time and
effort in solving this.

Much appreciated
Chris Blake
Office : (011) 782-0840
Cell : 083 985 0379

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