Re: fortune (was: [Evolution] Ximian & Wanda)

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 16:43, Mark R. Bowyer wrote:

Don't just use "fortune" as your script to generate the .sig - write a
shell script to do everything for you.  But be sure to use full path
names to everything in it, or you may find bits going blank.

Something like this:

        #! /bin/csh -f
        echo "-- "
        cat ~markbo/.templates/signatureN


Did as you suggested.....

As you can see from my tag, I get no "newline" inserted after my details

This is my first script on any Linux box so mayhap I`m missing some

I`ll be heading out now and will pick up on this thread in around 15
hours...thanks for the tips in the interim...
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