Re: [Evolution] Evo 1.4.3: fonts for menus, folders etc.

There are no more subfolders here. Just nautilus (empty), below that
preferences (just holding the desktop fonts).
Do you have nautilus installed?  Maybe it's a version thing, or a
leftover from an older version.

I would never install nautilus as long as I'm not forced to - all my
Linux-life that nautilus only messed up my KDE desktop (that's why my
first look on a messed-up desktop after some Gnome-app-start is "ps
aux|grep nautilus" :-)

Yepp, but all Appz started after that have no fonts anymore...
Real odd.  That seems to point to a font server or locale issue.  Did
you try choosing different fonts?  Changing fonts in gnome-font-settings
has an immediate impact on running gnome apps, so make a font change,
apply it, and see what happens..... go through the font list and see if
any work.

Yes, they all work great - as long as the app was started *prior* to the

1) start Evo. All okay, but fonts too big.
2) start gnome-font-settings and apply font changes. Looks fine in Evo.
3) exit gnome-font-settings. KDE desktop is already gone.
4) start gnome-font-settings again (or some other X-App).
   All text is converted into one dot per line, nothing readable.
5) exit all appz, log out, log in.
6) goto 1)

I could also write that as "Loop forever"... The first time called it
works, second call (or: as soon as gnome-settings-daemon was running
once), it's gone...


Itzchak Rehberg
"We have joy, we have fun, we boot Linux on our SUN..."

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