Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.0 UI proposal

On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 03:56, Kevin Cullis wrote:
Second, I cannot stess enough the calendar/ToDo lists linkage of some
sorts.  I'd like to see a Task/ToDo be scheduled in the Calendar and
remain in the ToDo/Task listing. It does not have to be expert, just
that when I edit a "scheduled" task in the calendar that it's changed in
the ToDo list as well. 

Yes, that would make the Tasks module much more usable : tasks deadlines
are much better put in context when displayed within the calendar view.
In Evolution, a calendar entry can become a meeting when the "Schedule
Meeting" context menu option is selected and participants added. It
could by the same kind of user interaction become a task deadline :
select the "Set Task Deadline" context menu option and the calendar
entry becomes a task as well as a calendar entry. The same mechanism in
reverse would be a task becoming a calendar entry as well as a task when
a deadline is set.

The linking feature in Lotus Organizer (Windows 3.x days) implemented
something similar. The concept was good, but the UI was clunky as hell.
I would be overjoyed if Evolution managed to get the integration right.

If at all possible, I'd also like to see some dependencies in the
Task/ToDo listings

Oh yes. A hierarchical tasks manager makes life so much easier that I
can't imagine living without one. I need that so much that I ditched
using Evolution's Tasks module in favor of HNB
Trees help a great deal in structuring thought.

The problem is I do not see how hierarchical tasks would get along with
Palm synchronization : the Palm devices can't handle anything richer
than their native model. A task copied to the Palm could be stripped of
its extended attributes such as hierarchical context, but if it is
modified on the Palm and copied back upon synchronization it would be
hard to make it fit back. Maybe keeping track of unique objects by
stuffing a serial number in some infrequently used field...

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