Re: [Evolution] IMAP speed

On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 04:15, Scott Otterson wrote:
Jeff, those are great numbers but I suspect the test isn't measuring the
thing I'm talking about.  What I'm talking about is amount of time
evolution spends rechecking message headers and updating vfolders.  For
example, I just did this:

- started evolution
- waited for the INBOX to show up (lots of messages about vfolders
                                   scanning for new headers)
- open an email
- delete that email
- click on a different email header
- again, I see a bunch of messages about scanning for new headers, etc.

The delay for the 2nd check is about as long as when I first started
evolution.  I haven't yet figured out when evolution decides to go
through all this checking and rechecking but it seems to be quite a lot
more often than 1.08.  This really makes evolution harder to use on a
slow modem connection.  

Can you think of a way to test this aspect?  Do you think that the
checking and rechecking is because of evolutions's interaction with UW
IMAP v.s. other kinds of IMAP?  If so, the problem is solvable because
the mozilla IMAP doesn't spend this much time checking and rechecking.

This could be anything, it definetly isn't the tcp code.  Its probably a
vfolder or imap thread deadlock or something like that.

Not much use discussing it here, you need to create a bug, and attach a
backtrace of all threads of evolution-mail when it is in a solidly hung

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