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On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 22:19, Marcus Brubaker wrote:
On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 20:56, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
Since no one wants to listen to me, I've spent the past few hours
building Evolution 1.0.8 and deps on my Celeron 400 box at home here (a
multitude of hops away from our IMAP Courier server) and did the

- killev
- rm -rf ~/evolution
- evolution
- create imap account - left on all default options (except I had to
turn on SSL). These options are as follows:

[ ] Automatically check for new mail ...
[X] Check for new messages in all folders
[X] Show only subscribed folders
[ ] Override server-supplied namespace
[ ] Apply filters to new messages in INBOX

- select local Inbox folder (so that the next time we start up it will
not load any IMAP folders, shouldn't be an issue but ah well)
- close evolution
- killev; evolution
- select fejj imap ximian com/INBOX/bugzilla
- immediately start stopwatch
- wait for message-list to load
- stop stopwatch immediately

The results I got were as follows:

Evolution 1.2.0: time = 4:25:48
Evolution 1.0.8: time = 10:09:75

Seems to me that Evolution 1.2.0 is quite a bit faster than Eolution
1.0.8 to me... more than 2 times faster in fact.

Since you come from, I suspect you probably use
uw.imapd, which may explain your problem - uw.imapd is known to be
extremely inefficient. I would suggest you install a faster imap server
such as Courier imapd or (the even faster?) Cyrus imapd.


And for the people for whom installing a different IMAP server isn't an
option?  A lot of people don't have control over what software their
IMAP server is running.

Yes, IMAP in 1.2 may be considerably faster for Courier IMAPd.

it's faster for presumably every server *except* uw.imapd.

  But a
lot of people don't use Courier or Cyrus and don't have the option or
the desire to do so.

then complain to the authors of your sucky imap server. you sure don't
seem to be shy about blaming projects that aren't to blame.

  (If it works, why replace it even if you do have
the option?  I think we all have better things to do with our time than
that.)  If it used to work well and now it doesn't work so well, it *IS*
a regression.

*shrug* stick to evolution 1.0.8 then. you have the choice to either
install a better imap server or keep running 1.0.8. no one is forcing
you to run 1.2.0.

If people update to a new version of a 3d game which claims to give you
better framerates on OpenGL capable cards and when someone actually runs
it they find out that this is only true if you're using a Matrox card
and in fact, if you're using NVidia or any other brand card, it has
WORSE performance, their going to be understandably upset.

you're comparing apples and oranges. a closer analogy would be:

vendor claims new version of 3d game runs faster on 3d cards with
support for OpenGL and the user happens to have a 2d video card or a 3d
video card that sucks out the rear.

  And when the
people who respond to it first tell them it's their fault and quit
bothering them instead of just saying "Ok, well right now we don't have
time to look at it, file a bug (or add yourself to the cc of a
pre-existing bug) and we'll get to it when we can,"  people tend to get
a bit annoyed and frustrated.

file bugs to your imap server vendor. it's not our job to work around
suckiness in other people's code. it's their problem, not ours. people
seem to forget that, and "it's not fair".

and before you try and remind me that life isn't fair, I redirect that
argument back to you about your complaint that evolution is slower for
your sucky imap server.

maybe the reason the imap server is so slow is because no one bothers to
report bugs about it because they are too busy filing bugs against the
wrong project trying to get everyone else to just work around their
suckage rather than fixing the problem at the source.

But, seriously, congratulations on the performance gains for Courier, 
better than halving loading times is very impressive.

thanks ;-)


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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