Re: [Evolution] Suddenly mail disappear

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 23:43, Georg Rønning wrote:
On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 10:51, Marcus Franke wrote:

Do you have any backups from before the "crash"?
Your old inbox mbox file could be gone forever..
With the loss of all old mail data.

Last backup is dated 6.6 but unfortuneately between this date and
yesterday is quite a few important business mail tucked away in the mail
bokbox that disappered. -:(
Thats why I asked for the option to change from mbox to maildir..

Good point, as we se accidents happen it should be an option to
continously make a backupfile of mailboxes.

Continuously ?

All unix i/o is checked, so, if the filesystem is operating as it should
be, you should have no problems.

Are you running any weird filesystems (i.e. anyhthing other than ext2),
or kernels, did the filesystem get checked on reboot, etc.

Did you delete any mails, like stuff in 'unmatched', etc.

You said that there were around 1300 mails in this inbox.
Try to look for huge files on your harddisk that could match
the possible size of your old inbox..

I have not found any "strange" huge files astray, but I still have the
"enormous" mbox.ibex file of 1,5 Gb. As far as I understand this MUST be
related to the disappeared mailbox ? 

Hmm, if you've had a lot (lot lot) of mail go through your mailbox, it
could grow that big, but it does seem excessive ...

If you grop the .ibex file for "From ", or look at it with less, does it
look like there's any mail in there?

I have tried most editors but the either hang or display  a mix of
letters and code and make no sense.

Well less should show it, but it will probably be nonsense as the normal
format of the file is binary unless there is something messed up in it.
But I still fear, that the mails are gone to electric heaven..

Hope not, otherwise my business goes down the same way .... -:((

Other rescue tips out there ? -:)


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