Re: [Evolution] Suddenly mail disappear

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 00:52, Not Zed wrote:

Continuously ?

All unix i/o is checked, so, if the filesystem is operating as it should
be, you should have no problems.

Are you running any weird filesystems (i.e. anyhthing other than ext2),
or kernels, did the filesystem get checked on reboot, etc.

No  I have a default RedHat 7.3 installation with ext3 filesystem.Clean
install 6.6.2002 after MB and processor and also RAM had been
replaced.Box has been working flawless until yesterday.

Did you delete any mails, like stuff in 'unmatched', etc.

I have no filters or other funny stuff. The only options I use is "send
and receive" and from the tools menu "Empty trash".

Before exiting Evolution yesterday I did delete a few mail as normal.

Closing down did not show any messages, error or other.

Hmm, if you've had a lot (lot lot) of mail go through your mailbox, it
could grow that big, but it does seem excessive ...

If you grop the .ibex file for "From ", or look at it with less, does it
look like there's any mail in there?


Here is just a tiny snip of what "less /Inbox/mbox.ibex" shows:

é^T^ ^GÝr^@^F<8B>v^ ^L×^D^@^KT^P^ ^@qo^ ^B<91>u^ ^CJE^@^Kô<^©v^ ^K p^@^Ktt^ ^EÕn^@^Abo^ ^D9o^@^L°r^ ^F<96>h^^U
e^@     <87>v^ ^K°p^@^B^U^C^ ^ET^P^@^DVm^@
!h^ ^FÏv^@^A'g^kq^ ^L÷p^@^Kkq^ ^Dþ^S^@^DH^P^ ^GÏv^@^FT^P^ ^A¿v^@       
_m^ ^G^@^F~v^@
Õn^@    ]f^ ^C<8E>s^ ^Dé^T^@^F¶t^ ^Kïv^@^K<85>^A^ ^A^N^^@
Ó_^ ^K<91>u^ ^Gµt^@^Fzo^@       <98>o^ ^Dót^@^AÀs^@    
Çv^ ^M<98>o^ ^Kbv^@^G^@
^ ^K<87>v^@     õt^ ^D©v^@

I have tried most editors but the either hang or display  a mix of
letters and code and make no sense.

Well less should show it, but it will probably be nonsense as the normal
format of the file is binary unless there is something messed up in it.

So much for the efforts made during the day to solve the problem. I
found however a kind of emergency solution. Finally I managed to open
the "mbox.ev-summary" file and there I found headers also for the lost
mail. As there is no body, I have to write down all the e-mail addresses
(more than 600) I find efter last backup and send out a huge batch of
mail requesting people to send the original mail again.

If there is no other suggestions I think I will have to spend the next
few days doing this.

As a conclusion, I am not worried for loosing customers.I think my
explanatory mail they will recive prevents this. What really worries me
is that this can happen. The possibility of loosing your mail without
warning, message or error messages feels really frightening.

Anyway, thanks for all help end your envolvment.


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evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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