Re: [Evolution] Suddenly mail disappear

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 09:18, Paul Hands wrote:

I thought that the .ibex files are only for containing information about
the mailboxes, not the mailbox itself.  I think the Mailbox is called
mbox, and should be in the same directory (Inbox?) as the .ibex file,
and should have a non-zero size.   I also believe that it is OK to
delete the .ibex file, but I would play safe and move it somewhere
else.  Then, restart evolution and see if your Inbox comes back.

Hi Paul, 

Yes, the mailbox is called mbox, that is why I copied it to Eudora to
test.It works, but contains only the few mail downloaded today. I
understand that the .ibex file is some kind of information or backupfile
for Evoulution.

I have also made a backup of the Evolution folder and playing around to
se what happened. I deleted the .ibex file and restarted Evolution. No
changes, Inbox still contains only the few mail downloaded today.

So I think I still need some hints -:)


Let us know........


On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 10:47, Georg Rønning wrote:

Running 1.0.3-6 on RedHat 7.3

Never had any problems with Evolution - like the app. very much.

Yesterday I had a clean shut-down (with apprx. 1300 messages in the
inbox). Restarting later to download new mail and print out some new
orders for my business. However, mailbox was completely empty -:) Other
folders seems OK, all relevant messages still in the "sent" folder. 

Tried "show hidden messages" but to no avail.

In the /local/inbox folder there is the mbox.ibex file. It is huge - 1,5
GB (yes GB). Guess I find my missing mail there ?

How can I get my important mail back ? 

Thanks for any tip.


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