Re: [Evolution] Suddenly mail disappear

Am Die, 2002-07-23 um 14.01 schrieb Georg Rønning:

I have also made a backup of the Evolution folder and playing around to
se what happened. I deleted the .ibex file and restarted Evolution. No
changes, Inbox still contains only the few mail downloaded today.

So I think I still need some hints -:)
The most feared and evil one:

Do you have any backups from before the "crash"?
Your old inbox mbox file could be gone forever..
With the loss of all old mail data.

Thats why I asked for the option to change from mbox to maildir..

You said that there were around 1300 mails in this inbox.
Try to look for huge files on your harddisk that could match
the possible size of your old inbox..

But I still fear, that the mails are gone to electric heaven..


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