Re: [Evolution] custom keybindings (was Re: Again: Newbie questions/comments)

On Sat, 2002-07-20 at 03:29, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

        * Sylpheed

yea, and like very other gtk app, as soon as you close sylpheed the
settings are lost. Yea, that's just great.

I have never had this problem with pan (the newsreader). Yes, the
type-with-the-menu-open system has a big flaw, but apparently it doesn't
take that much coding to get persistennce on the changed keyboard map.
And they even reintroduced single-key shortcuts after dropping them for
a short while - too many complaints...

Granted, the e-mail clients from a certain Redmond monopolist do not
allow one to remap keybindings, but I see that as more of a detriment
than a feature.  And even M$ lets you remap keybindings in their other
Office apps (word, excel, etc...).

Yea, and they've spent a lot more money on UI testing than any of the
clients listed above... gee, could that maybe be *why* it doesn't have
configurable keybindings?

Hmmm - perhaps OE and Outlook is targetted at users who just go with the
default, while most Linux users made a *choice* using Linux? Perhaps,
most Linux users have seen other systems, while most Windows users have

(adding this to my growing 'annoying things about evo' list that keeps
me looking for something better...)

-- vbi

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