Again: Newbie questions/comments (Was: Re: [Evolution] Wish list/Todo ?)

Sorry I sent the first message with a similar subject, I accidentally
hit Ctrl-Return while looking for a way to create a soft paragraph
break. Here's the same thing, completed.

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 12:55, Not Zed wrote:

Yes! Submit feature requests as bugs with status "enhancement" at

 ... after checking it isn't already there.

Also separate features into individual reports, not a big one with 10

Ok. As I have already compiled a list of things I was wondering about,
I'll post it here first. Maybe some of the issues are related to the
fact that I haven't had a close enough look yet. Here goes, in no
specific order (sorry, this is quite long):

        * Insert my signature text without the leading '-- '. I'd like
          to have my name in the signature text so I don't have to type
          it all the time, but above the '-- '. I can easily insert it
          myself, but it duplicates the way it currently is.
        * Configure the SMTP server port, especially for SSL. There
          seems to be no way to use anything but the standard ports. I
          have an SSL capable server on port 25 and this doesn't seem to
          be possible currently.
        * I'd like to use an external command to send mail, but it's not
          called sendmail. This cannot currently be configured, can it?
        * The message preview pane can be hidden/shown with the key Q.
          Can I also do that with the mouse in some faster way than
          opening the menue/clicking the menu item? A hot button
        * Selecting my folders for Drafts and Sent, I can't see (when
          opening the dialog) which is the current setting. Mine are on
          an IMAP server and I'm always unsure whether I already set
          them for an account or not, because the buttons always only
          say Drafts and Sent.
        * Selecting my own PGP/GPG key could be easier with a combo box
          or something.
        * In my configuration, when checking someone's PGP signature, I
          always get a gpg message displayed (that is, using Debian

       gpg: WARNING: --honor-http-proxy is a deprecated option.
       gpg: please use "--keyserver-options honor-http-proxy" instead

        * In a bulleted list like this, can I somehow insert a line
          break that doesn't result in a new bullet? In word processing
          software, I'd usually do that using Shift-Return or
          Ctrl-Return, but that only sent the message for me. I should
          mention I don't use HTML mode, in case that makes a
        * Can I switch off that error-prone behavior of sending the
          message on Ctrl-Return?
        * It would be nice if the PGP module could try to download
          missing public keys from my configured key servers when
          checking a signature.
        * Can I configure PGP signature checking to happen automatically
          when I open a message? 
        * I'd like to have an icon for the gnome panel that shows me
          when new mail is there. I know there are a gazillion of these
          programs out there, but, honestly (a) most of them don't
          really work for my IMAP setup with lots of folders and (b)
          having the configuration of everything in one central place
          (the mailing program comes to mind) would be a nice thing.
        * Can I somehow set a colored marker (or any other visual
          marker) on a message (apart from Important, that is)? What can
          be done on the filter basis looks nice, but I'd like to do the
          same thing manually.
        * Having played around with the colored markers and filters, I
          now have some messages colored in a folder. The filter is long
          gone but the color stays. Is that a bug?
        * I'd like to have user-definable templates for messages. Select
          them to use for new messages, replies, and so on. Some of this
          seems to be possible when using HTML mail, but I don't do
        * In the message editor, I can select everything by dragging the
          mouse, then hit delete. The editor window grays and I get an
          error message when I close the window.
        * Editing templates would be nice, too... Like, I type WTF and
          the editor automatically expands it.
        * Can I configure parameters for the formats that translate to
          ascii text? Like the depth of indentation for bulleted lists
          or whether to use tabs. Can I create my own?
        * Would be nice to have the bulleted list insert empty lines
          between bullets.
        * I'd like to break the message view to 80 chars when people
          write messages without breaks. My screen displays something
          like 160 chars or so in that case and I don't find that
        * If I switch to "Show Email source", a header line called
          X-Evolution-Source is shown that's not really in the message.
          Shouldn't that really be a raw view on the message source, as
          the menu entry suggests?
        * Can I configure which header lines are shown in the standard
          view? E.g. my virus scanner adds header lines and I'd like to
          see those by default.
        * Can I mark all content of a folder read in one go?

Wow, that's it. Sorry again for sending part of this twice. I hope I get
some comments at least for some of the stuff. Otherwise: Great mailer
program (you can see I haven't been using much of the other parts of
Evolution)! Keep up the good work!


                       Oliver Sturm

Fa. Manfred Dahlhoff - Buellenkothenweg 37a - 40229 Duesseldorf
Tel.: 0211-2202821   - Fax: 0211-2202822    -

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