Re: Again: Newbie questions/comments (Was: Re: [Evolution] Wish list/Todo ?)

Okay, I'll answer the rest of your message (the parts I didn't respond
to from your first post).

On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 09:01, Oliver Sturm wrote:
Sorry I sent the first message with a similar subject, I accidentally
hit Ctrl-Return while looking for a way to create a soft paragraph
break. Here's the same thing, completed.

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 12:55, Not Zed wrote:

Yes! Submit feature requests as bugs with status "enhancement" at

 ... after checking it isn't already there.

Also separate features into individual reports, not a big one with 10

[snip - already answered the above part from your first post]
        * In my configuration, when checking someone's PGP signature, I
          always get a gpg message displayed (that is, using Debian

       gpg: WARNING: --honor-http-proxy is a deprecated option.
       gpg: please use "--keyserver-options honor-http-proxy" instead

this is because the gpg authors changed their command-line options with
the release of 1.0.7. You can mostly just ignore that warning. The
development version uses the command-line args that gpg 1.0.7 wants, for
the rest running gpg 1.0.6 and earlier? upgrade or bitch at the gpg

        * In a bulleted list like this, can I somehow insert a line
          break that doesn't result in a new bullet? In word processing
          software, I'd usually do that using Shift-Return or
          Ctrl-Return, but that only sent the message for me. I should
          mention I don't use HTML mode, in case that makes a

I'll leave this for Radek to reply to, he's the HTML editor hacker dude
that knows about this stuff.

        * Can I switch off that error-prone behavior of sending the
          message on Ctrl-Return?

No, that is the key binding for sending... you should be used to it by
now, most clients use that binding :-)

        * It would be nice if the PGP module could try to download
          missing public keys from my configured key servers when
          checking a signature.

it does, you know that warning you got above? yea, that would be the

        * Can I configure PGP signature checking to happen automatically
          when I open a message? 

no, the reason it is not automatic is to provide assurance that the
icon/text about the sig being authentic is not spoofed via html.

        * I'd like to have an icon for the gnome panel that shows me
          when new mail is there. I know there are a gazillion of these
          programs out there, but, honestly (a) most of them don't
          really work for my IMAP setup with lots of folders and (b)
          having the configuration of everything in one central place
          (the mailing program comes to mind) would be a nice thing.

already in bugzilla, I believe it is marked "contrib" meaning we are
waiting for some 3rd party hacker to implement it. We probably won't
ever bother doing it.

        * Can I somehow set a colored marker (or any other visual
          marker) on a message (apart from Important, that is)? What can
          be done on the filter basis looks nice, but I'd like to do the
          same thing manually.

you can in development CVS.

        * Having played around with the colored markers and filters, I
          now have some messages colored in a folder. The filter is long
          gone but the color stays. Is that a bug?

nope, the effects of a filter are not tied to the existance of the
filter that changed that aspect of the message. If it was, then if you
deleted a filter that filtered your messages from Joe Bob Jr, then all
his mail would have to be magically moved back to your Inbox. I think
that'd be a bit counter-intuitive ;-)

        * I'd like to have user-definable templates for messages. Select
          them to use for new messages, replies, and so on. Some of this
          seems to be possible when using HTML mail, but I don't do

also already in bugzilla. no idea when we'll get to this.

        * In the message editor, I can select everything by dragging the
          mouse, then hit delete. The editor window grays and I get an
          error message when I close the window.

that's a gtkhtml bug (not a mailer bug mind you). Probably already fixed
in the development version, or at least I have never seen that behavior.

        * Editing templates would be nice, too... Like, I type WTF and
          the editor automatically expands it.

I don't see this happening ever. but if you want to submit it as a
request, file it under GtkHTML's Editor component.

        * Can I configure parameters for the formats that translate to
          ascii text? Like the depth of indentation for bulleted lists
          or whether to use tabs. Can I create my own?

Not that I know of. Again, this is GtkHTML not mailer.

        * Would be nice to have the bulleted list insert empty lines
          between bullets.


        * I'd like to break the message view to 80 chars when people
          write messages without breaks. My screen displays something
          like 160 chars or so in that case and I don't find that

already a request about this somewhere, so don't bother submitting it

        * If I switch to "Show Email source", a header line called
          X-Evolution-Source is shown that's not really in the message.
          Shouldn't that really be a raw view on the message source, as
          the menu entry suggests?

It is a raw view of the message source and that header does indeed exist
in the raw message. It is added there by evolution so we can keep track
of which account you downloaded the mail with so when you reply we can
smartly choose which account to set the default From to.

        * Can I configure which header lines are shown in the standard
          view? E.g. my virus scanner adds header lines and I'd like to
          see those by default.

no, there is already a feature request about this though.

        * Can I mark all content of a folder read in one go?

You mean like Edit->Mark all as Read? yes :-)


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Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
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