Re: Custom headers RFE WAS: Re: [Evolution] RFE: ability to add headers to "standard" display.

On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 04:05, Larry Rosenman wrote:

I can't seem to do this on the IMAP account.  (I could make you an
IMAP account on my server if you want....)
after killing off Evolution, and letting the computer sleep, it now
works on the IMAP inbox.  

The dialog posted at
<> shows 
what the filter looks like. The filter changes the color of the text in
the incoming messages as dsiplayed in the message list. The result is
posted at

I'm not sure why you had trouble getting this to work.
Because, based on my results, it doesn't work with IMAP accounts. 
Apparently something was confused, it now DOES work at least for the

I wish it would work for the other mailboxes in the IMAP hierarchy. 

The filters and vFolders functionality is, err, confusing at best (and
I'm a former Outlook user). 

I really think this argument that Show All Headers, and View Email
Source can replace this requested functionality is Specious. 

However, I feel like I'm beating a dead horse, and will shut up now. 

I will also see if I can find yet another Email/Contact/Task/Calendar
product that meets my needs, and is willing to at least listen.  

You can switch products if you like, but don't say that the Evolution
developers didn't listen. They did listen, but they didn't agree with you.
For that matter, neither do I.
So be it. 

Because I work for an ISP, and need to check what the system wide
filters are doing, and they TAG mail, but I can't seem to get an IMAP 
account to filter on an ARBITRARY mailbox. 

And with some of the trash making it into my mailbox, I want to see
what tests and what score the SpamFilters added. 

I guess I will just shut up now. 
Larry Rosenman           
Phone: +1 972-414-9812                 E-Mail: ler lerctr org
US Mail: 1905 Steamboat Springs Drive, Garland, TX 75044-6749

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