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On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 08:38:53PM -0500, Larry Rosenman wrote:
Mr. Winship said it wasn't a definite no way.  Mr. Stedfast seems to say
definite no way.  

Now, since there seems to be some disagreement within Ximian, we need a
call whether to proceed to try and lobby or not. 

I **REALLY** see the need for the feature, but I'm one voice on a
"weird" platform (FreeBSD).  

Since there are already a "View All Headers" and a "View Email Source"
options, this just seems like a very low priority wishlist item. 

For the immediate purpose of seeing spam score headers, filters would be
the way to go. There are actions available to assign a color and/or assign
a score. The message would still end up in the expected mailbox, but it
would be marked in such a way that you would kow what the spam score was.

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