Re: Custom headers RFE WAS: Re: [Evolution] RFE: ability to add headers to "standard" display.

On Mon, 2002-04-22 at 17:27, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
This is where I say "Evolution is not a console client"

I don't see how being a GUI app makes any difference.  I have used VM by
clicking on it entirely, in an X windows session, as well as in an MS
Windows session.

and point out
that this is a hell of a lot more work than it is worth. Not to mention

Now _that_ is a valid point.

it will severely increase the complexity of the display code, and it's
already nasty enough as it is without adding to it.

Oh, ok.  That's too bad.  I hoped that the display code had separate
areas for building the headers and then building the body, and then the
two were put together.

There has to be a line drawn somewhere where it makes sense to say "no"
and I believe this feature to be over the line.

Rats.  What would it take to change your mind?  ;-)


PS.  This fortune came up randomly.  :-)

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