Re: [Evolution] delete mail after xx days from POP3 server

On Sat, 2002-04-13 at 16:39, Brian wrote:
I don't mind replies, especially the contradictory ones, it's the dumb
replies that make me cringe as I hit the delete key.  The comment was
intended as tongue-in-cheek, moron, which is why I posted *alternatives*
beneath that.  Read the whole message next time before you instantly hit
the reply key and defecate out one of your turds of wisdom in response,
m'kay?  You'll come across as less stupid than normal and --who knows?--
you might actually contribute something meaningful to the discussion.

Oooo, I've been flamed! Gee, I feel so bad now.

You could look me up in many of the lists where I actually help people,
and have for years.

BTW, as a matter of etiquette, you shouldn't post crap like this to the
list as it's even more boring to everyone else than it is to me.

The way you just did? If it's so bad, why did you continue to send it to
the list? More hypocracy?

Well, time to see how well filters in Evolution really work!  Buh bye.

Thank goodness for that; now neither of us has to be bothered by you.


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