Re: [Evolution] delete mail after xx days from POP3 server

On Sat, 2002-04-13 at 13:03, Michael Leone wrote:
Tell your employer that your current choice does not fit your needs :)

Then tell them goodbye when they hire somebody in your place who doesn't
complain ...

Then go find another job where this isn't an isuse! :)

If your work needs necessitate your email on the staying on the server
to make it accessible from many locations, does it make more sense to
cause the Evolution developers (whose time is finite) to hack an ugly
fix to make this happen when they could be bug-fixing or to ask the
employer to switch to IMAP which was *actually designed for this* or
just forward your email to an ISP that provides IMAP.

Seriously though, having worked as a consultant at several fortune 1000
companies, I've never found a client that wouldn't let me either forward
my email to an outside service where I could access it via IMAP or, if I
wasn't expected to access my email outside of the office (ie if I had to
use POP), I never had to access it from anywhere but work anyway so it
didn't matter.  Maybe they do it because I'm a consultant, I dunno.

If you're using Evolution, couldn't you also cobble something with
fetchmail to do basically the same thing?


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