Re: [Evolution] delete mail after xx days from POP3 server

On Sat, 2002-04-13 at 14:03, Brian wrote:
If your work needs necessitate your email on the staying on the server
to make it accessible from many locations, does it make more sense to
cause the Evolution developers (whose time is finite) to hack an ugly
fix to make this happen when they could be bug-fixing or to ask the
employer to switch to IMAP which was *actually designed for this* or
just forward your email to an ISP that provides IMAP.

My standard workaround when I have to access my pop3 mail from multiple
locations is to set the configuration on all but on client to "leave
mail on server."  That doesn't answer all the objections, but it lets me
get my work done.


Steven Tryon
stryon attglobal net
ICQ 102798975

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