Re: [Evolution] delete mail after xx days from POP3 server

On Sat, 2002-04-13 at 11:13, Rob Walker wrote:

I agree that this use of POP might not be optimum.  However, sometimes
we don't get to choose which type of server we connect to, our employer
tells us what we get to use.

Tell your employer that your current choice does not fit your needs :)

Also, being able to "pull off this hack" is moving more and more towards
the "basic needs" camp, and away from the "amazing feature" camp.  I
realize it removes a sense of control when some other application starts
to take over aspects of your design, but the fact is that email
applications are not new things, and most of our users are going to be
coming in to evolution from some other experience.  They will desire, if
not expect, all of those features that they had before.  The more of
them that can be provided, the happier they will be with this product.

I guess that's up to the developers to decide, though I for one would
rather see people adopt IMAP rather than making an email client do
something it was never supposed to have to do, but that's just me.


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