Re: [Evolution] Compose/Preview Font Size

On Sat, 2001-10-13 at 21:20, Keith Irwin wrote:
> Okay, I think I solved the problem, or rather, found it.  If you set the
> HTML properties fonts and click on the "point" radio button, your
> evolution viewer (at least) won't render the font sizes.  If you change
> 'em back to the "pixel" radio button, things seem to work.  I like the
> point size widget better as it's, well, the way things are done, eh? 
> They scale, etc.  I have to change the Helvetica to about 17 pixels just
> to see it at about the same as a 12 pt font on my screen.
> Anyway, not even sure this is a bug.
Actually it was a bug. Now it's fixed in CVS.

Radek Doulík
rodo ximian com
Hacker Monkey
Ximian, Inc.

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