[Evolution] Compose/Preview Font Size

  I am currently using Evolution 0.15.99 with KDE version 2.2.1.  I am
having trouble changing the font size/type that is used in both the
message preview display and also in the compose window.  A search of the
Ximian Knowledge Base for help with this indicates that in order to
change the font size I should go into Gnome Control Panel, and change
the font under the "HTML Viewer" section.  I have done this several
times without any luck.  The only affect I see when I do this is that
the message header (From:, To:, Subject:, etc.) changes, but not the
actual message text.  And nothing I do changes anything in the Compose
New Message display.  I am using control-center-  Any
help in addressing this problem would be greatly appreciated.  The text
in these windows is extremely small.  Other than that I love the
program.  Each release gets better and better.

John Welch
Systems Analyst
Brockway-Smith Co.

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