Re: [Evolution] Compose/Preview Font Size

On Sat, 2001-10-13 at 12:20, Keith Irwin wrote:
Okay, I think I solved the problem, or rather, found it.  If you set the
HTML properties fonts and click on the "point" radio button, your
evolution viewer (at least) won't render the font sizes.  If you change
'em back to the "pixel" radio button, things seem to work.  I like the
point size widget better as it's, well, the way things are done, eh? 
They scale, etc.  I have to change the Helvetica to about 17 pixels just
to see it at about the same as a 12 pt font on my screen.

This has fixed the problem I wrote about earlier (tiny little dots in
the message body of an html message, instead of readable text), which I
thought was caused by my not having 3DArial installed. I'd figured out
how to add 3DArial as an alias of Arial, which didn't fix the problem. I
just let it sit, hoping for more help. Changing the HTML viewer in the
control center to pixel from point did fix it.
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